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Board of Directors

The Springfield Ski and Travel Club Board is comprised strictly of volunteers. The board meets the 2nd Thursday of every month, and anyone is welcome to attend. If you have a question for a Board Member, please use their email address lissted below.

Rich Bergt
Cell: 217-341-8225

Executive Vice-President
Terri Marbold
Cell: 217-741-7734

Chris Schofield
Cell: 217-415-6736

VP of Finance
Deon Bishop

Cell: 217-891-9669

Joyce Metz

Cell: 217-816-4123

VP for Membership
Pennie Stevens

Cell: 217-416-5143

VP for Tour Trips
Patty Staab

Cell: 217-836-4406

VP for Day Trips
Wendy Schluter

Cell: 217-415-4764

VP for Winter Trips
Gary Kindred

Cell: 217-341-9231

VP for Activities
Sandy Schinneer

Cell: 217-622-1996

Publicity Chair
Linda Hammer

Cell: 217-494-4023

Newsletter Editor
Caroline Porter Evans

Cell: 309-221-2330

Skier Development - SKI Representative
Gary Kindred

Cell: 217-341-9231

Community Service Chair
Betsy Miller

Cell: 217-622-3047

Sports Chair
Jan Joyce

Cell: 217- 741-1147

Happy Hour Chair
Karen Kuhar
Cell: 217-971-8900

Web Master

Lois Bloechle
Cell:  217-638-9000

Dining Out Chair
Janice Grosse and Don Broughton
Cell: 217-725-6776